Cleveland’s 1st infrared hot vinyasa yoga studio. Our intimate space fits 19 and is heated to 101 degrees! Click here to reserve your spot.


Our infrared heaters are set to 101 degrees with approximately 30% humidity. This green technology warms you like the sun would but without the UV rays.


Flexibility: The Infrared heat helps us warm up quickly, allowing us to move deeper into a yoga pose and become more flexible.

Safety: With our tendons and ligaments lubricated from the Infrared Radiant Heat, we’re less prone to injury.

Higher Metabolism: The Infrared heat increases our heart rates causing us to burn calories quickly. Our metabolism levels increase, which helps burn fat, tone our bodies and lose weight.

Detoxification: The Infrared heat stimulates our lymphatic systems making us sweat, flush toxins and cleanse our bodies.

Mental focus & Discipline: The hot environment demands the sharpening of our focus and determination. This concentration leads to less reactivity and responses to life’s challenges with clarity.

Many people say it’s also much easier to breathe with Infrared Radiant Heat.



The benefits of a consistent yoga practice are for everyone regardless of age, size or physical condition. We provide everything you need in a friendly and intimate setting.

For new students, we recommend the beginners classes.

Bring your own mat for your most clean practice, a towel and a water bottle filled with water to re-hydrate.

We sell LifeForme yoga mats for your convenience at the studio.

We encourage you sign up online to save your spot. From our website,, click “Schedule” then “Book” and follow the prompts. You can also walk in and register at the studio with the help of our amazing staff. Or sign up under Bodhi Yoga Cleveland on the Mindbody app.

We suggest you wear comfortable fitted clothes and arrive 10 minutes early to sign in, meet your instructor, connect with other students and settle in.

Always practice at your own comfort level and let the teacher know if you have any injuries and would like modifications for any pose.

The most important thing we can do is to be kind and supportive of ourselves and each other. Let us allow the energy in this space to be an example of the way we would like our world to be.

New Students

3 classes / $33

Single Class/Drop-In

1 class: $19
Student/Senior: $11
Live Online (Zoom): $7

Class Packages

5 class pass: $77
10 class pass: $140
20 class pass: $260
30 class pass: $360

Unlimited Memberships

one month unlimited, no contract: $150
unlimited monthly, 3 month contract: $120
unlimited yearly:  $1,111



We are so honored and proud to be offering our community hot vinyasa yoga with infrared heat. We are beyond happy to provide the variety of classes you need to decompress, relax and physically challenge you. We hope to be a space you feel comfortable and find comfort in. Our small class settings not only provide students with more personalized attention but a strong sense of community. Yoga is our passion and has touched our lives and we hope you find the joy we have found through this practice. We hope to make friends and a Bodhi family in you. Our hearts are full.

So much love,
Lucia & Team Bodhi



19692 w. 130th St., Strongsville, OH 44136


[email protected]

Please email us with any questions comments or concerns. We will do our best to get back to you right away. We can also schedule a time to speak via phone. Looking forward to hearing from you.