I love yoga. It’s sensual, spiritual, and everything beautiful. The sweat, the music, the movement and breath just feels so good to me and makes me very happy.

Wanting to share my passion with the world , I received my teaching certification May 2010 from Cleveland Yoga and in July of 2010 I started spreading the love. Since then I’ve taught at several studios, gyms and wellness centers, gone on many trainings both locally and internationally taking classes from many world renowned teachers discovering my favorite teachers and styles.

I like to mix the power of Baptiste with the sensuality of Johnny Kest. I like to connect with my students and inspire them- to do a new pose, to awaken more spiritually, to live a life that is a little truer and more authentic.

Mostly, I just like to have fun with it. Yoga class is playtime. A time to express myself. And I want the same for you. I want you to try a class, and have fun knowing the time is 100% dedicated to you, what yoga means to you and your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.