Coming from a runner’s background, yoga was always Jessica’s “after stretching” until she realized it was so much more than finding flexibility. Jessica completed her training at Chagrin Yoga in 2014 following an ankle injury that stopped her in her tracks, forcing her to delve deeper into her practice and ground her healing within the 8 limbs of yoga. As Jessica learned more about herself by tapping into her spiritual and breath practice, she fell in love with every aspect of what yoga was revealing to her. According to Jessica, “the shapes our bodies make, fueled by our breath, show us humility and love for the soul and ego by allowing them to exist in balance and promoting the cleansing of our stuck energy to move.”

Jessica’s classes are all about finding lightness and unique ways to promote body awareness and movement, all the while having a deep focus on our breath. She enjoys exploring new ways to get students in their bodies and out of their heads by flowing to funky music, rooting them in breath, and grounding them in forgiveness, trust, and most importantly, love.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys traveling to places that spark creativity and cleanse her soul. She loves spending time in nature; making fresh juice and coming up with healthy alternatives to the foods she loves to fuel my body and mind.

“Love yourself first & watch”